Latin and Ancient Greek


I have a PhD in Classics from the University of Edinburgh and 10+ years experience in teaching Classical Studies, Latin and Ancient Greek. I offer private lessons, from complete beginner to Postgraduate level.

The lessons will be tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re preparing for an exam or are learning for yourself.

In particular, I offer:

  • Unseen practice (translating from Latin or Greek into English)
  • Prose composition practice (translating from English into Latin or Greek)
  • Grammatical revisions
  • Literary analysis of passages
  • Exam practice, from GCSE/Highers to Honours level

I am particularly familiar with the Classics curriculum at the University of Edinburgh, but I can also offer a different type of lessons if you are not a student.

I teach online, using video call (Skype for example) and the online whiteboard bitpaper, which is particularly useful for working on passages and looking at sentence structure. Both accept the Greek polytonic alphabet!